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First ever Muslim LGBTQ+ Pride event to be held in London

Image source: CNN

The Muslim LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP organisation has raised more than £10,000 to hold the fist ever Gay Pride event specifically for adherents to the ideology.

The Islamic LGBTQ+ Pride event is set to take place in London next Spring and has left some surprised as sodomy in Islam is punishable by death with most majority Muslim countries considering it a criminal offence and many even imposing the death penalty on men who penetrate other men’s rectums with their penis.

The event is organised by “Imaan” a pro-LGBTQ+ Muslim group founded in 1999 and Rose, a project lead at the organisation who did not want to give her surname, for obvious reasons, said

“This is going to help the next generation to know it’s okay for them to be LGBT and also be Muslim,”.

This comes at a time when large swathes of the Muslim community in the UK make their opposition known to the Pro-LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA agenda being introduced to primary school curriculum.

In one school In Birmingham earlier this year, where this programme was meant to be tested before the British government make lessons regarding LGBTQQIP2SAA lifestyles compulsory in all UK schools, for children aged six and up, the government had to back down due to Muslim opposition.

The Guardian reported that in 2017 a broad survey of British Muslims found that over half believe homosexuality should be criminalised while nearly a quarter want full Sharia (Islamic Law) imposed as the UK’s law system.

At the time Trevor Phillips, the former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, sounded the alarm stating the findings were “extremely worrying” as they suggested on many issues Muslims were “nation within a nation”.

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