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Five-month-old baby girl killed in US drive-by


A five-month-old baby girl has been killed in a drive-by shooting in Cleveland. Baby Aavielle Wakefield was travelling in a car with her mother who was driving and at least one other person when the tragedy occurred.

The little girl was shot in the chest and died in hospital shortly after. Nobody else was shot in the attack which happened on Thursday. No arrests have yet been made. Police suspect the gunfire came from an apartment building.

This the third incident of a child being shot dead in Cleveland in a month. Two boys, aged three and five, were killed in drive-by shootings during September.

Basketball star LeBron James took to Twitter to express his anger: “Like seriously man!!!! A baby shot in the chest in Cleveland. It’s been out of control but it’s really OOC. Ya’ll need to chill the F out.”

“C’mon man let’s do and be better! Don’t fall into the trap. This can’t be only way. Accept more from yourselves. #TheLand#TheNation.”

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