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France hold emergency meetings over bedbug infestation across the country

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The French government said it would hold emergency meetings this week to investigate the reported rising numbers of bedbugs, which are increasingly being seen as a major potential public health problem, reports RTE.

In recent weeks, bedbugs have gone from a potential laughingstock to a contentious political issue in France, with alarmed citizens reporting sightings of the creatures in places like trains, the Paris metro and cinemas.

The concerns take on added urgency as France hosts the Rugby World Cup and Paris prepares to welcome athletes and fans from around the world to the 2024 Olympics.

Thousands of Irish rugby fans will flock to Paris this weekend as Ireland takes on Scotland in nearby St. Petersburg. Dennis in the final group match of the World Cup, reports RTE.

Two schools, one in Marseille and the other in Villefranche-sur-SaƓne near Lyon in southeastern France, were infested with bedbugs and were closed for several days for cleaning, local authorities said.

Today’s meeting, where Transport Minister Clement Beun will host transport and passenger organisations, aims to “quantify the situation and strengthen the measures,” his ministry said.

“We want to inform on the actions undertaken and act in the service of travellers to reassure and protect,” the ministry said, reports RTE.

Bedbugs, which had largely disappeared from everyday life until the 1950s, have seen a resurgence in recent decades, largely due to high population density and increased mass transportation.

Renaissance MP Bruno Studer said bedbug counts will be a priority for the future

“We do not know today if there are more bedbugs than in 2019,” he said, reports RTE.

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