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Further protests were held by Ukrainian people in Dublin today

Further protests were held today in Dublin by Ukrainian people and their supporters in opposition to the crisis in their homeland.

People gathered outside the GPO and the Ukrainian Embassy in Dublin today voicing their concerns about what’s been happening over the past 72 hours.

Yesterday, a number of people gathered outside the the Russian Embassy today to protest the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Along with actual Ukrainian citizens, a number of Irish people joined the protest saying that they stand with the Ukrainian people, while there’s also been some support for Russia from Irish Russian supporters who say that they agree with President Putin on many issues.

It’s not yet known what exactly NATO and the EU will do to try and counteract the so-called “all out invasion” by Russian forces into the Ukraine.

President Putin was always a diplomat in his approach with other world leaders, but appears that relations have broken down, especially from Boris Johnson and Biden’s side.

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