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Gardaí are very concerned at late-night muggings in Dublin’s Harcourt Street and Camden Street

Officers are investigating at least 21 robberies and burglaries in Harcourt Street and neighbouring Camden Street in the last five weeks, reports Independent.

Most cases remain unresolved, with concerns about the lack of Gardaí patrols on two streets that are home to many nightclubs and pubs.

“The priority in the south city for late-night policing seems to be Temple Bar, meaning gardaí have been diverted from patrolling these locations on occasion,” a source said, reports Independent.

Of the 21 incidents in Harcourt Street and Camden Street, five involved robberies and 16 thefts by individuals.

Both robberies were described as “extremely violent” and were carried out by two women on two men on July 30.

An English tourist was among the dead in a separate incident. An hour after the morning robbery, a man in his 20s who lives in Dublin was also targeted.

Both men suffered facial injuries and their mobile phones were stolen by the women who attacked them from Harcourt Street and Camden Place respectively.

The garda believe the women are working for the gang.

On the night of the two attacks, they are believed to have roamed the streets looking for potential victims for hours before approaching them and asking for directions.

In the course of the investigation, it was established that a car was parked across the street in which the suspects took the stolen items.

It is not clear how many other robberies they were involved in, but the gardaí obtained surveillance of them, reports Independent.

Public safety and garda resources on the streets of central Dublin have been much debated after a group of English tourists were mugged and robbed in Temple Bar last weekend.

A 17-year-old man from west Dublin has been charged in connection with the incident and more arrests are expected in the coming days. Bail conditions apply outside of Dublin 2.

After another brutal street attack in the south of the city, video footage of the incident emerged at 6pm on Monday when a group of youths armed with rods and bats attacked a man near the Guinness depot.

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