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Gardai continue investigate claims of paedophile ring targeting young girls in State care

Gardaí and Tusla are investigating allegations of an alleged paedophile ring targeting teenage girls in state custody.

The young women lived in dormitories or orphanages run by Tusla, the state agency for children and families.

A group is alleged to have targeted these youngsters and taken them to the hotel to sexually abuse them.

It is also alleged that they were treated and treated with alcohol and drugs before being abused.

The shocking claims, reported above by the Irish Times, were brought to the attention of Tusla in 2020. The Gardai were notified and a criminal investigation was launched.

The girls were allegedly picked up by taxi, taken from their accommodation and taken to hotels throughout Dublin City under the pretext that a party was taking place.

It is also claimed that in some cases the young women were later given gifts such as expensive clothing.

A Garda spokesman confirmed an investigation into the alleged abuses was ongoing, adding that “owing to the sensitivity of the matter there would be no further comment”, reports The Mirror.

In a statement, Tusla said the agency “does not comment on individual cases and/or

A spokesperson for Tusla said that if young people are placed in a foster care facility, they must have “similar level of free time/opportunities to do normal activities as children and young people (where appropriate) who live at home with their family”, reports The Mirror.

They added, “as in any family home or care setting where young people are living, whilst boundaries and rules are set, there are potential risks in their everyday lives” such as exploitation or assault, reports The Mirror.

The spokesperson said Tusla was “always cognisant of the risk of exploitation of young people” and worked with Gardai to develop a policy to help professionals identify children who may be vulnerable to exploitation.

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