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Gardai say they’re yet to find evidence of ‘overall conspiracy’ behind arson attacks

Image source: Dublin Fire Brigade

According to the commissioner, Gardaí have not yet discovered any proof of a nationwide plot including a wave of arson attacks around the nation, reports Breaking News.

In 2023 and 2024, there have been over 20 fires at buildings that have been mistakenly linked to housing asylum seekers.

Commissioner Drew Harris, in remarks to the Policing Authority on Thursday, stated that whilst the individual attacks are isolated occurrences under “serious” local investigations, gardaí have also launched a nationwide campaign.

He claimed that all of the organization’s investigative resources are used to look into arson attacks, and gardaí have lately reviewed earlier cases to look for any connections, reports Breaking News.

According to Mr. Harris, the Special Detective Unit (SDU) is conducting a nationwide investigation with the goal of “drawing on any threads on commonality” on the individuals or methods of operation.

Mr Harris said: “It’s the job of the SDU to find those links if they exist. We have an open mind, we follow the evidence, we’re informed by the intelligence picture. At this moment of time, we’ve not seen this, in effect, overall conspiracy,” reports Breaking News.

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