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Gardai shut down stall aiding the homeless in Dublin.


The stall in question did not have a permit.

Gardai say that this is the second time the group have been asked to stop giving aid until a permit is secured.

Darren Bradley, a member of the group called “March for the Homeless” stated that the group “will not be going anywhere”.

The group usually have their stall up on Tuesdays, Wednesdays,  Thursdays and Saturdays since June of this year, but have only been approached once by Gardai.

Clothes are also collected by the group who then hand out the items to those in need.

Their usual spot is situated next to the Phil Lynott Statue on Dublin’s Grafton Street.

Darren Bradley has admitted that he cannot afford tax for his van, which he uses to transport the stall to and from the area.

“I have insurance, I just have no tax because I can’t afford tax, I can’t afford the DOE. I need the van to travel in and out to help these homelesss people,” he stated.

According to an Gardai Siochána, the group were “in breach of Dublin City Council regulations and were causing a safety concern”.

Permits can be sought from Dublin City Council.

Mr Bradley has refused to stop aiding the poor in his regular spot, unless the Gardai are able to find him a better place to carry out his aid work.

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