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Good news story: Dundalk taxi driver Mark “Maxi” Kavanagh has turned his cab into a viral talent show

Good news story: Dundalk’s “Maxi Taxi Talent” driver’s music platform sees three acts securing record deals

Mark “Maxi” Kavanagh has become one of the best known taxi drivers in the country over the past two years after he started posting videos to Facebook showcasing musicians, storytellers, singers, and even impressionists he had in his taxi “platform” and their superb performances, some of whom have even secured recording deals as a result.

Various videos quickly went viral all over the world purely because of the musicial talent accompanied with friendly banter from Maxi himself.

It really is a unique idea. The man behind the X-Factor/Britain’s got talent-type performances uses his catchphrase that the “greatness keeps moving along” in each video, and who can blame him.

Speaking recently to RTE, Mark said:
“When you’re driving a taxi you hear some wonderful stories. And I just thought a lot of these wonderful stories were confined to the taxi.”

“It all started when a guy told me a beautiful story about what he was doing and what he trying to achieve in his life and I said ‘Is it possible that I could put that up on my Facebook just to let everybody see this positive stuff and the whole thing just snowballed from there. People were getting into the taxi saying ‘Can we do a video? Can we do a video?”

Mark told The Liberal that he’s absolutely overwhelemed and delighted at the incredible response his videos received on Facebook. His page has thousands of likes and people love to interact with new videos he posts.

Mark said that he’s very proud to be an inspiration to his author and friend, Marijan Hizak, who wrote the the sports book; “The successful coach: the choice is yours, Maxi!”, available here.

Mark’s Taxi Talent Facebook page can be found here and below are a sample of videos he regularly posts
Maxi Taxi Talents Facebook page

Here’s some “greatness” videos:


Greatness ! Maxi Taxi ! Jay Mac Eoín and Al Foran were would yea get it ! Cmon the Town !

Maxi Mark Kavanagh 发布于 2015年3月31日

Maxi Taxi

Just want to say of all the videos from Maxi Talent Search this video is one of the most bravest and amazing 14 year old Jade Mcgowan struggles every day to come to terms of the loss of her uncle true suicide this video in jades words the angel she is , Jades aim is to help others cope and hopefully find some comfort true her Song ! Comments below and love please !

Maxi Mark Kavanagh 发布于 2015年3月3日

MAXI TAXI Paddys Day Special,s

Maxi Taxi ! Greatness ! Cmon the Town !

Maxi Mark Kavanagh 发布于 2015年3月17日

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