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Government’s ongoing targeting of individual freedoms is extreme, says Independent Group

Ireland – with the toughest restrictions in Europe – suffers new government extensions to the legal framework underpinning these laws.

The Rural Independent Group have slammed the government for unilaterally extending, without any Dáil scrutiny, the wide ranging and sweeping pandemic legislation, including extra garda powers and hotel quarantine as an outrageous attack on the general public.

The Leader of the Rural Independent Group, Deputy Mattie Mc Grath, has stated:

“It is deplorable that the cabinet has now agreed to extend sweeping pandemic powers, for up to another six months, or until November 9th. To unilaterally decide, without an Oireachtas debate, to extend four separate pieces of legislation giving extensive and extraordinary powers to the State is mindboggling, given that the rest of the world is cautiously re-opening society.”

“Clearly, this decision is more about control than public health or well-being. It is scandalous that this decision would be taken, without debate or any scrutiny. Deciding to extend these harsh laws for six months, with the provision to extend for a further three, would mean these excessive measures could be in place until February 2022.”

“Many of these regulations were introduced on a time-limited basis. Now the government want to keep extending them. These laws relate to control measures, such as the detention of people to prevent the spread of Covid-19, restrict travel, require people to stay at homes, wear face coverings, quarantine at hotels and designate powers to gardai to inspect a premises.”

“How could ministers agree to extend legislation that allows gardai to set up checkpoints or arrest people who do not comply with Covid-19 guidelines?”

“This government has confined the public for long enough, mainly due to their own botched handling of the vaccine roll-out. These extraordinary confinement measures have had a severe impact on ordinary people, community life and the domestic economy.”

“Irish people have made significant sacrifices during this pandemic. As we approach the end, our government decide to extend the lifetime of the oversight measures, which impact on fundamental freedoms.”

“Recent research by UCD confirms that Ireland has had the toughest restrictions of any EU country since January this year. This latest move is not only grossly unfair, but it is also illustrating that this government has now become fixated on controlling the people, in a dangerous and power-hungry way.”

“It’s just a shame that the government didn’t show the same level of enthusiasm by extending laws to ban vulture funds and other investment funds. Clearly, they are more focused on curtailing ordinary people’s lives than interrupting the freedoms and tax loopholes of global investment funds,” concluded Deputy Mc Grath.

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