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Heartbreaking: Boy, 10, with colostomy bag killed himself after bullies made fun of him

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A 10-year-old boy has tragically committed suicide after bullies made fun of his condition.

According to reports in the US, the young boy Seven Bridges, who had a colostomy bag following 26 surgeries to fix an ongoing bowel condition, killed himself in his own home whilst his parents were out shopping.

Speaking to WDRB, Seven’s heartbroken mum Tami Charles, highlighted the extent of the abuse her little boy was subjected to and has blamed school officials for not dealing with the bullying that was inflicted on her son.

Ms Charles who claimed that the Jefferson County Public Schools board failed her son, after they failed to take action when Seven was attacked by a group of children the school bus.

It is believed that the bullying became so bad that the group deliberately pinned down Seven and choked him so badly he almost pased out.

The resulting injuries from the attack also required the 10-year-old to a CT scan at a local hospital.

The devastated mother who also revealed that Seven was her miracle baby after she was told that she would never to conceive despite trying for years.

Although an official investigation into the incident is currently ongoing, Ms Charles said she feels that the schools board didn’t do enough to help her son as she and her partner found a lot of inconsistencies in regards to the schools board policies on handling bullying.

It is believed that little Seven from Louisville, Kentucky, took his own life whilst his mother was out shopping for groceries.

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