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He’s being kicked out: Supreme Court dismisses Nigerian man’s deportation appeal

A seven-judge Supreme Court has refused to overturn a decision to deport a Nigerian man who argued it would interfere with the constitutional rights of his three children to be here legally, reports Breaking News.

The Chief Justice said the High Court was correct in finding no evidence of a “real meaningful relationship” between the man and the children and therefore his deportation would constitute an unacceptable interference with their constitutional right to care and companionship.

The same conclusion is reached when considering the right to family and private life under Art. 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Judge Donal O’Donnell said in a judgment supported by six of his colleagues in the court.

The man entered the state illegally in 2007 and married the mother of three that same year, reports Breaking News.

The couple’s marriage in a religious ceremony is not recognized in the state and they separated in 2014. By order of the district court in 2015, she was appointed joint guardian of the children.

The man was refused permission to stay in the country and the justice minister ordered his deportation in 2016.

The High Court refused to overturn the minister’s decision, saying that constitutional rights would only be violated if it was established that there was a “significant relationship” between the man and the three children.

In a ruling on Tuesday, the Supreme Court unanimously dismissed his appeal against the High Court’s decision, reports Breaking News.

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