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Higgins under immense pressure says he’ll welcome an audit on his spendings… AFTER the election


If it turns out to be true, the amount of money possibly squandered by Michael D Higgins is utterly outrageous.

The same people saying “isn’t Miggeldy lovely” seem to be keeping their traps shut about the accusations being thrown at Higgins that he stayed in a lavish hotel costing the taxpayer €3,000 a night while 10,000 sleep on the ground around the country.

Man of the moment, Peter Casey has claimed that Michael D Higgins has spent €10,000 taxpayer money on getting his dogs groomed.

Higgins mooted towards an audit of his spendings on last week’s Pat Kenny debate on Virgin Media One – but only at the end of the year, with Kenny retorting that “that will be after the election”, to which the audience gasped then clapped in agreement with Kenny.

Peter Casey brought up his claim on last week’s debate that Higgins spent €10,000 on getting his dogs groomed and will no doubt go even harder in tonight’s PrimeTime debate, but there have been denials from the Aras that Higgins spent €10,000 on dog grooming.

Higgins said that he welcomes an audit of Aras expenses… AFTER the election. Take from that what you will.

Meanwhile, the PSNI have staunchly denied claims that the Higgins was forced to take a private jet to Belfast due to a lack of security.

According to BBC News, the police service of Northern Ireland rejected the claims after, President Higgins claimed that he was unable to travel by car.

The claim which was made back in May when President Higgins travelled to Queen’s University has reportedly angered police officials in the North who told BBC news that the claim was simply not true.

It is believed that President Higgins travelled by plane to Belfast City Airport and that his personal car was driven to Belfast to meet him there.

In a brief statement released to the BBC, a PSNI spokesperson said that it was simply inconceivable that that the President of Ireland would not have been afforded security if it had been requested.

The issue was apparently raised during a presidential debate on The Pat Kenny Show on Wednesday night.

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