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Homeless man found guilty of murdering ‘kind-hearted’ pensioner who took him in off the streets

Image source: Metro

A homeless man has been found guilty of killing an elderly woman who had taken him in and burning her body in a bonfire, a court has heard, reports Metro.

Alan Scott, 42, lived with Patricia Holland, 83, at their home in Gorleston, Norfolk.

Prosecutor David Spence Casey told Norwich Crown Court that Ms Holland was a “charitable woman concerned with people who were down on their luck and the homeless,” reports Metro.

After meeting Scott for the first time in 2020 while they stood outside a shop selling his paintings, Ms Holland “offered him a roof over his head,” the jury heard.

He reacted by killing Mrs Holland on the night of July 24, 2021.

Mr Scott was “determined to stay and his best chance of being able to stay in her house was if she went missing. This was because if she died, according to the terms of her will he would no longer be able to stay”, Mr Spens said, reports Metro.

Scott denied murder but admitted it prevented a lawful burial and was found guilty by the jury after just two hours of deliberation.

Friends of hers have described Mrs Holland as “having a heart of gold and always happy; neighbours describe her as a lovely kind-hearted woman”, reports Metro.

Norfolk Police said blood spatter was found in the house and officers cut sections of carpet in the hallway and living room from the recorded footage.

Mrs Holland’s remains are later discovered at the site of the garden bonfire.

Senior Investigating Officer Chris Burgess said: “This is a truly shocking crime where a vulnerable, well-liked elderly woman was murdered in her home by a man she had taken sympathy on and provided shelter to,” reports Metro.

Scott will be convicted at a later date.

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