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Horrifying: Newborn rescued after she was buried alive for more than eight hours


***Warning the video in this article contains scenes some viewers may find distressing***

A newborn baby girl has miraculously survived after being buried alive for more than eight hours it has been revealed.

The horrifying story which Canarana Western Brazil, has become a global news story after footage of the infant’s was rescue operation was uploaded online.

It has been reported that the baby girl was buried by her parents after they believed she had died at birth, however after officers recieved an anonymous tip off from a member of the public, they were soon to be left in shock by what they were about to uncover.

Believing they were going to find the remains of the baby girl, officers investigating the incident which was reported after the parents failed to inform the relative authorities about the newborn’s death, were shocked to hear a soft cry from the girl who was buried under 50cm of mud.

In the footage officers can be seen frantically trying to rescue the baby by digging with their bare hands, before she is taken from the ground covered in mud and barely breathing.

The dramatic footage also shows the desperate officers issuing first aid to the newborn who still had her umbilical cord still attached.

Although the newborn is said to be recovering from the terrifying ordeal, doctors treating the baby girl say she still remains in intensive care and is under observation.

It is believed the baby girl’s mother a 15 year old girl, buried her child with her grandmother after they believed she died. The new mother claims she and her grandmother decided to bury her daughter as part of a traditional custom after she became unresponsive following her birth.

The baby’s mother apparently told police that she thought her baby died after the newborn hit her head on the bathroom floor. The distraught mother also told officers that she went into labour whilst in the bathroom and gave birth to her daughter alone.

Although the teenager’s story has yet to be verified, doctors treating the newborn have said the baby girl suffered two cranial fractures to the head.

Officers investigating the incident say they have arrested the grandmother with attempted murder, they have also said they are shocked at how the newborn survived for so long.

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