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Horrifying: Young girl aged 16 is brutally raped and burnt to death


India’s ongoing sexual violence against young girls and women has seemingly gotten a whole lot worse after a 16 year old girl was brutally raped before being burnt to death.

The latest attack of sickening brutality comes as the country is in the midst of an ongoing crisis of horrendous sexual attacks on young girls.

According to state media reports the young was raped in a forest, after she was abducted from her home in the Jharkhand state on Thursday.

The sickening attack sadly got a whole lot worse and resulted in the young woman’s death after her parents reported the culprits to local council authorities.

Following the report, the two men who orchestrated the attack were ordered  to do 100 sit-ups and pay a fine of 50,000 rupees as punishment.

However upon hearing the punishment, the ruthless thugs decided to enact their revenge by ransacking the girls home and beating her parents.

The heartless beasts then captured the girl and burned her alive.

Police investigating the incident have since confirmed that 14 men have been arrested in connection with the horrendous crime, although one of the main culprits remains at large.

The latest attack has once again put women’s rights in the country under the spotlight after a number of sexually motivated attacks have been carried out in the past few months.

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