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How to have fun and things to do in Destiny 2 with friends

Destiny 2 is a cult MMO RPG project in the shooter genre that attracts many players to its servers due to beautiful graphics, strong dynamics, the ability to explore space and play with friends and use the entire arsenal of weapons, where strength is not only in a shot from a good weapon, but also accuracy.

To successfully play and win in Destiny 2, you need to remember a few rules:

  1. Destiny 2 is not for singles.
  2. Glimmers play a role.
  3. Quests give more than you might think.
  4. Contracts are important, especially with glimmers.
  5. Raids are essential.
  6. Everyone needs a PVP mode, not just fans of fights.

Destiny 2 is not for singles

Destiny 2 is not a solo game. Of course, you will come to the game world, select a game class and start training, advance through quests and learn skills, understand the subclass system and even collect good equipment, but gradually the number of interesting and important places where you can and should go to strengthen your character will rapidly decrease.

Why? It’s simple – MMO RPG is a social game, if you come into the world to play a large number of people and do not want to interact with anyone, then it is better to choose another game genre like a single player game, or session projects, where all interaction is limited by time.

Destiny 2 encourages team play, moreover, Destiny has a friendly enough community to want and strive to play with them in the same squad.

The battle group always farms faster, raids and strikes are available to them, they can hunt really difficult and strong, but important monsters for mining, while alone you will be marking time for quite a long time.

It is especially good if you come to Destiny 2 with friends and ideally if there are three or four of you – then you can close key professions and play comfortably in all the mechanics offered by the game. If you come alone and go to social places and hunting zones, then sooner or later you will start to have associates and even friends.

By the way, do not neglect the guilds – this is an opportunity to constantly be on the same wavelength with your comrades-in-arms, find out interesting news about the Destiny 2 project and receive various power-ups.

Glimmers play a role

Earn glimmers – the local currency in Destiny 2 whenever and wherever possible.

The general logic for all MMO RPGs is the same – if you have the game currency, then you will buy literally everything that can be transferred without spending hundreds of hours farming the same items.

Earn glimmers from story and secondary quests while learning the overall game history and getting equipment items, at least in the initial stages.

You can simply exterminate monsters that are several levels higher than you and do this for hours, and your pockets will also be well replenished with glimmers.

Raids are also a good source of glimmers, but only indirectly – you will drop various equipment that you can simply sell to other players as unnecessary.

You don’t even have to go through raids yourself, especially mythical ones, which are characterized by an increased level of difficulty and a large number of players to enter, where the chance of failure is huge.

All you have to do is order the destiny 2 raid carries SkyCoach service. A professional service will prepare all the necessary conditions and take you into a group to ensure that you pass the raid and transfer all the equipment and experience gained to your character.

You can transfer the account to the account so that everything goes without your participation, and then the service will guarantee the safety of personal data and anonymity in the face of the client and the game administration. Then you will only need to track the status of the order in real time and, after receiving a notification, change the password and go in to check that the battle group managed to knock out.

In the format when you take part in the raid on your own, joining a group of professional players, you will need to clearly and unquestioningly follow all the commands of the group leader from the Skycoach service so that the raid goes quickly and without errors, otherwise the chance of failure is too high.

Quests give more than you might think

Quests in Destiny 2 is not only a guide to history and help in recognizing popular routes. This is a step-by-step explanation of the entire game history, regular rewarding with glimmers and the issuance of equipment, passing training, a gradual increase in the level of difficulty and the transition to raids and PVP mode.

Contracts are important, especially with glimmers

Contracts are separate assignments for action that are in Destiny 2. Their task is to give you responsibilities and reward you for completing them if you managed to complete everything before the replacement deadline.

This can be headshots, attacks from a certain type of weapon, the use of grenades and much more.

If you managed to complete the contract before the end of the term, you can take another one by spending glimmers and if you put it on stream, then you can convert game money into experience quite well.

Raids are essential

Raids are battles with the boss in his territory, in the dungeon in order to get a lot of experience, glimmers and useful equipment.

The raid can be divided into three levels of difficulty with a phased opening:

Normal – introductory, you will learn about the boss, his behavior model, basic skills and frequency of their use, weaknesses and strengths.

Heroic – more difficult, needed to get good equipment and increase the level of difficulty. The fight will be more difficult, and the boss will use offensive skills more often.

Mythic – the most difficult, but also the most interesting type of raid. Requires a large number of players, the boss becomes very ferocious and can kill the entire raid if someone makes a blunder. Often uses skills and has a large supply of health and attack power. As a reward, offers players the best items of equipment and weapons of legendary quality.

Everyone needs a PVP mode, not just fans of fights

PvP mode in Destiny 2 has a special meaning – it is a round-robin system where you can get seasonal legendary weapons if you manage to achieve 7 victories in a row.

You will need two companions from the guild, friends list, or just random acquaintances.

Constantly fight with enemies and be able to develop tactics and increase the percentage of victories. Given that the rounds are played fast enough – keep playing and trying, and success will not be long in coming.

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