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How To Keep Your Online Gaming Set-Up Cool During Hot Weather

Most people wait for the summer to go on a beach vacation. Others might wait for free hot days to stay in an air-conditioned room playing the latest video games. But, as heat waves hit, aside from finding refreshment, you can still play Elden Ring, GhostWire: Tokyo, or compete with global opponents in Call of Duty: Warzone or other online games.

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Why do computers generate so much heat?

Electrical current flows through devices, hence the name for the product group. While electrical devices might be highly efficient and generate low heat levels, computer parts responsible for gaming are the opposite of that philosophy. 

Two main components in your online gaming set-up are CPU and GPU. Gaming enthusiasts usually buy high-end components with higher TDP, generating more heat. On top of that, some use overclocking to get the last ounce of performance out of the graphics card and computer processor. 

When the weather is hot, that brings additional pressure on an already hot gaming rig, but there are ways to keep the computer cool regardless of the conditions. 

You can check the temperature levels with specialized software. For example, AMD Ryzen CPUs have Ryzen Master, and AMD graphics card owners can check temperatures in the Radeon Software. HWMonitor is another excellent software that can monitor the temperatures in the computer.

Aside from the excessive heat from your desktop PC, you can notice something is out of sorts if your system experience sluggish performance out of nothing. That might be a sign of overheating. 

iGaming alternative to competitive online gameplay

If you don’t have resources or just won’t be bothered with ways to fix the heating issue, you can wait for the system to cool off by using it for less performance-heavy duties. You can still play casual games that can keep your PC almost at idle heat levels. Check new Irish casino sites at where you can find thousands of slot, card and table games. They don’t require much out of your high-end hardware, and you can even find a live casino to play against other opponents. 

If you would instead fix the heat issues in an online gaming set-up during hot weather, some free options require some investments.

Free ways to lower your computer temperature

The location of your computer is essential. The lower it is, the more dust it will collect. Consider moving your desktop to the desk or other higher ground. You should secure enough space for the cooling fans to pull the air in and push it out.

Dust is behind the vast majority of heating issues in computers. Cleaning your rig should be a quarterly routine. Unplug your machine, open the case and carefully clean the excessive dust. Use an air blower, microfiber cloth, and other cleaning aids. This should prepare you for intensive gaming sessions. 

Some computers can overheat because of the default fan settings. Sometimes these values are set too low. Use software like SpeedFan to speed up the fans. You can lower the temperatures significantly with this trick.

Consider asking for help to create quality airflow inside of the case. For example, it would help if you made neutral pressure with equal positive and negative airflow. This might take to reposition your fans or even buy additional, but it is the best thing to prolong the longevity of your components.

You could reconsider overclocking the components. While it could boost the overall performance in games like Fortnite or CS: GO, modern components have enough computing power as they come. In addition, you can significantly lower the temperature if you quit overclocking, and the performance won’t suffer as much. 

Upgrade your game set-up to help it remain cool

If you have a powerful CPU and GPU in the case, maintaining ideal airflow might not suffice. Instead, you should consider a water cooling solution that will cool down even the highest-end PCs. Another more affordable upgrade is getting a better air-cooler. 

Desktop PC has some parts that wear out over time. Thermal paste is a unique solution that transfers heat from the CPU to the attached cooler. Sometimes, an old and worn thermal paste can be the source of heating issues. Consider reapplying the thermal paste on the metal sheets. 

Buying larger fans to create better airflow is a viable solution that can help with dust issues and significantly lower the inner case temperature. 

Check if your power supply fan is working correctly. You should consider replacing the power supply if it doesn’t perform. This is a crucial component of the system, and its fan helps maintain the airflow inside the case. 

While it might feel quite obvious, it will also help if you don’t place the computer in direct sunlight and play games in a room with air-conditioning.

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