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“I have never felt worse after getting the vaccine”, claims healthcare worker

The Liberal spoke with a healthcare worker is still recovering six weeks later after taking their first and second covid vaccine.

It’s been quite a contentious topic over the past number of months as to whether will or will not get the covid vaccine, whether it’s indeed safe or whether our rights will be impacted in any way by choosing not to receive one.

Indeed the “my body, my choice” slogan has once again reared its head, albeit for a completely different reason and even used by its opposition.

A healthcare worker told The Liberal that they’ve never felt worse in their life after getting jabbed. For obvious reasons, they spoke off the record and conveyed severe side effects from their vaccine.

They took the Pfizer vaccine and said that after the first dose they had a slight light-headedness, but it was the second vaccine that really took hold.

“I’ve had severe pains and aches all over my body, was bedbound for 48 hours with a high temperature and perfuse sweating. Absolute exhaustion with no practically no energy to even get out of bed. One of my associates had taken the AstraZeneca jab but they weren’t as bad afterwards, they just had no energy and a temperature.”

“I personally wouldn’t have taken the vaccine if I could have avoided it, but given my work, it was advised that I take it when offered. I have since learned that a large number of frontline hospital staff have actually not taken the vaccine and continue to say that they won’t.”

“I’m not telling people not to take the vaccine should they wish to do so, but likewise they must be prepared for serious tiredness and other such side effects if they are affected. Quite frankly, I can say honestly that I have never felt worse in my life than I have after taking the second jab. The first jab was tolerable but the second absolutely floored me and more than six weeks on, I still have zero energy. I get through work and go straight to bed, I can’t go for a walk, can’t swim or cycle like I used to and I just pray to God that my energy levels come back soon.”

“My main fear now is that if more variants come out down the road that we’ll need to take boosters and they’ll have the same impact on me if I am back on my feet”.

“It has really made me wonder whether I’d have been better off fighting off covid or fighting off the vaccine’s side effects because I really can’t imagine feeling much worse than I have over the past month and a half. The media isn’t reporting these side effects, maybe people themselves aren’t speaking about them for fear of work or social backlash. Either way, I’m telling everyone I know, including my elderly parents to avoid the vaccine at all costs, at least for now.”

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