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Inequality surprise: New study reveals men face more discrimination than women

Men are at more of a disadvantage and face more discrimination rather than women a new study has revealed.

According to The Daily Mail newspaper, a new study published by researchers at the University of Essex and the University of Missouri-Columbia, men face more discrimination than their female counterparts.

The study which was published in the journal Plos One, has revealed that of the 134 surveyed, men face more discrimination than women.

Although the study did account for hardships that women faced in more developed countries, it found that men had it harder in 91 countries compared to women who have it harder in 43.

The sophisticated study which measures a number of factors such as punishment for crimes, mandatory military service and occupational deaths, found that men were more discriminated against rather than women in most aspects.

In what has been named the Basic Index of Gender Inequality (BIGI) method, overall satisfaction levels were measured to detailed scoring system that focused on aspects in all countries.

The study found that countries including the US, UK and Australia all were favorable to women, whilst other countries including Italy, China and Israel were favourable to men.

The study accounted for educational opportunities, healthy life expectancy and overall life satisfaction.

It also found that women in Western countries had a slight advantage over men, whilst those living in third world countries were at disadvantage.

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