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Irish Republican questions why Ukrainian flags are flying at Easter on O’Connell St instead of just tricolours

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Republican activist, Dublin solicitor and criminologist, Malachy Steenson has questioned why Ukrainian flags are so prominent on O’Connell St, flanking both sides instead of just having tricolours along Ireland’s most central street over Holy Week and Easter.

Mr Steenson said the following:

“Easter week is perhaps the most important week in the Christian calendar, where the betrayal, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ is remembered and commemorated.

For Irish Republicans, it holds much more significance as we remember the Easter Rising and the birth of the Republic. The leaders of 1916 chose Easter Week to launch their attempt to free Ireland from the shackles of British Imperialism. They believed that just like Christ their blood would be shed and from that blood would the New Republic would Rise. They were correct and the Republic lasted until its betrayal in 1922.

The birth of a Nation is a significant event in every Country and is celebrated by various events including parades and the flying of the National Flag in Public areas. It is a time when people of former Colonies express their pride in their Country and their sovereignty.

Walking down O’Connell Street in Dublin today would hardly believe that just over a hundred years ago a Rising took place on that very street. There was an absence of tricolours (one was flying on the GPO) all of the Dublin City Council flag poles were adorned with the flag of Ukraine, likewise the flag poles on either side of the Liffey. Dublin City Council regularly flies flags for the latest woke virtue signalling event.

Likewise those who wear the symbol of that rising The Ester Lily are demonised and prosecuted for selling them, compare that to the treatment of the Poppy where it is compulsory to wear it in November on British TV shows and is worn on the streets of Ireland with what appears to be the recent support and encouragement of the State.

Why is it that the Irish people allow this, why have they an inferiority complex and are afraid to demonstrate any sense of National Pride. It seems to me now that the establishment with the acquiescence of the general population despises anything to do with Irish Nationalism and being Irish.

The men and women of 1916 including my own grandparents would have stayed in the beds on that Easter Monday if they had known the state the Country would be in 2022. Indeed for what died the sons of Róisin.”

What do you think? Should there only be tricolours on O’Connell St, or do you think Ukrainian flags should be prominent too?

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