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Irishman’s video re-emerges and goes viral of “professional begging” from foreign gangs in Wexford

Videos have been uploaded to social media showing what appears to be foreign gangs of professional beggars operating on Irish streets.

In a video uploaded by the Channel ‘Irish Wolfhound’ to YouTube an Irish man can who is filming can be heard confronting a man overseeing an elderly woman begging for money on the street in Wexford.

People are saying the foreigners are gangs of Roma people and that they have been operating professional begging scams in Ireland for many years but as Irish people find themselves harder pressed with the cost of living crisis and as the government pours untold amounts of tax money into providing for refugees, tempers are wearing thin among the public.

In December The Liberal learned from witnesses that students from Coolmine Community School and other children have been robbed, harassed and violently assaulted both inside Blanchardstown Shopping Centre and in the immediate area outside the shopping complex by a known gang of Roma youths.
Security at the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre have informed members of the public, who have raised concerns about the gang, that they are well known, and Gardai have been called in relation them a number of times.

The Roma thugs generally target Irish children who are alone and have even attacked children with disabilities.

The Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, like shopping centres and indeed city centres across the country, has long been plagued with roving groups of thieving Roma gypsies but recently Roma youths have become more violent in their behaviour.

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