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IS bride Shamima Begum to have UK citizenship revoked

Image Source: Metropolitan Police

IS bride Shamima Begum will have her British citizenship revoked according to reports in the UK.

Ms Begum, 19, who has spoken of her desire to return to the UK after joining ISIS forces when she was just 15, has been informed that she will not be allowed back into the UK.

According to ITV News, a letter sent to the family of Ms Begum, by the British Home Office has stated that they have decided to revoke her citizenship as she is eligible for dual nationality.

ITV News say the letter which was signed by the Home Secretary Home Secretary Sajid, informs Ms Begum’s family that the British Government has decided to refuse Shamima’s request to re-enter the country.

It is understood that the British Government had the right to revoke Ms Begum’s citizenship Under the 1981 British Nationality Act.

The act can allow the Government to deprive a person of their citizenship if the home secretary deems that it would be “conducive to the public good” and they would not become stateless as a result.

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