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Is Ireland safe? Significant increase in violent crime and robberies, says CSO

The latest figures from the Central Statistics Office show that the number of violent crimes, robberies and thefts has increased significantly, reports RTE.

The figures show that the number of homicide crimes, including murder and manslaughter, has increased by almost a third, with 17 more people killed in violence in the first half of this year compared to last year.

Robberies increased by 20%, while crimes related to them increased by 25%.

Half of the growth came from shoplifting, which grew 27% year over year.

Fraud-related crimes dropped significantly by 37%, mainly due to a reduction in unauthorized transactions and attempts to obtain personal or banking information online or over the phone.

The number of sex offences remained stable at over 3,600 reported, an increase of 1% and while drink and drug driving offences fell, around 7,000 arrests were made in 12 months, reports RTE.

Thefts also fell by 8%, with more than 9,000 incidents reported last year, while fraud-related offences fell by almost 6,000, a 37% reduction.

Organized crime statistics also show that there is a huge demand for drugs supplied by criminal gangs (up to 6%), reports RTE.

More than 12,000 people were caught with drugs for personal use and 4,859 were caught supplying them, an increase of 15%.

While the homicide rate has increased significantly, the rate of gang murders has decreased dramatically, largely due to the arrests and convictions of hitmen and assassins associated with Kinahan organized crime groups.

Also, 76 shootings were reported and 194 people were arrested with weapons.

The data were released with reservations, meaning their value does not meet the standards required in official statistics of the Central Statistics Office, reports RTE.

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