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ISIS: New video emerges featuring hostage John Cantlie

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The ISIS organization has released a new video featuring captured photojournalist John Cantlie, held hostage since 2012.

In the footage, posted to the internet on Sunday, Cantlie speaks directly to the camera, reportedly from the contested city of Kobani, disputing claims made by the United States that the ‘mujahedeen’ are in ‘retreat’.

Cantlie goes on to say that ISIS forces ‘have not failed’ in Kobani and that their victory is only ‘a matter of time.’

There is no way to know for sure when the video was shot, but Cantlie refers to a news report that was broadcast by the BBC on October 17. Fighting in Kobani has raged on since.

The video also shows aerial footage of the war-torn city, supposedly shot by a ‘Drone of the Islamic State Army.’

This is the latest of a series of well-presented propaganda videos featuring Cantlie. Previous footage has shown him wearing an orange garment, talking to the camera from behind a desk. On this latest appearance, he is featured outdoors, wearing a black shirt.

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