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It all kicked off in Big Brother last night for Irishman Marc O’Neill


‘Big Brother’ stepped in last night after one of the contestants, Danny Wisker physically threatened Irishman Marc O’Neill.

O’Neill was asking various contestants whether they wanted to win the TV show or not.

Danny commented that he thought Marc had too much to drink which Marc denied .Then Danny told Marc he thought he was looking for an argument and asking people irrelevant questions.

Marc asked Nick again if he wants to win and Danny gets up and is frustrated:
“Why do you need to know!?”
Marc then accused Danny of being drunk to which Danny replied:
“If I was drunk that can would be going in your face.”

At that point Aisleyne then buts in and told Marc: “Stop telling him he’s drunk he is not f****** drunk!”
Later Danny tells Marc: “I understand you want to be evicted but don’t be a d*** about it.”

Marc replied: “I asked the guy a question, it hasn’t got anything to do with you!”

Danny disagreed and said if he was being a d**k to him (Nick) it was his business. Marc accuses Danny of standing up to try and be the daddy or the hero of the house and then the two continue to argue and things get heated.

Danny continued: “You are trying to push my buttons and you are so close to a slap,” before he bends down to repeat the words again very close to Marc’s face.

Big Brother demands Danny come to the Diary Room where he got an official warning.

The drama continues on TV3.

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