It’s far too soon – Outrage from Creeslough relatives who slam TG4 for TG4 for airing documentary so soon after tragedy – – Our News, Your Views

It’s far too soon – Outrage from Creeslough relatives who slam TG4 for TG4 for airing documentary so soon after tragedy

Image source: Katie Daly

A sister of a young fashion designer who died in the Creeslough explosion four months ago has revealed she was ‘very disappointed’ that TG4 decided to end a show airing over the tragedy they were injured.

Lisa Gallagher’s 24-year-old sister Jessica lost her life when an Applegreen petrol station and several houses were decimated in an accidental explosion in the Co Donegal village.

Several families of the victims of the explosion protested the broadcast of Iniúchadh TG4 – An Craoslach on Wednesday evening.

The explosion in Creeslough occurred on 7 October last year and killed 10 people, two of whom were children, and hospitalized eight, one of them seriously. The blast caused the most civilian casualties in the county in decades.

Jessica Gallagher lived in a flat behind the petrol station, which also had a post office and was the main shop in the village.

The fashion designer who was due to start a new job in Belfast a week after the deadly blast.

Jessica’s sister Lisa Gallagher said on Twitter: “Very disappointed that TG4 decided to air the programme about Cresslough against family wishes,” reports The Mirror.

Another Twitter user wrote: “I’m surprised and cross that TG4 went ahead with the Creeslough doc. Ireland is a small country in which broadcasters and citizens were close. There was no urgency or fundamental disagreement. Those affected asked for a decent interval. That small thing could have been conceded,” reports The Mirror.

Mourners at Jessica Gallagher’s funeral service at St Michael’s Church in Cresslough were told: “Jessica, through her life, left many ripples, many ripples of love, affection, kindness, warmth,” reports The Mirror.

Oil and gas explosion experts from various agencies were brought in to help investigate the cause of the explosion at the gas station.

Gardai said the explosion appears to have been an accident.

Experts from the Utilities Regulatory Commission and the Health and Safety Authority also provided invaluable on-site support and expert advice, while independent specialists were also called in to assist in the case of plant failure/explosion of gas and oil.

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