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“It’s not workable and it’s not moral” – More restaurants say they haven’t reopened for indoor dining until everyone’s welcome

As Ireland appears to be somewhat coming back to normal, at least to some sort of extent, the hospitality sector have been completely thrown under the bus yet again.

Not only were they one of the last sectors in society to be allowed reopen their doors, they’re now in the middle of a fierce debate as to whether or not it’s logistically feasible or even moral to serve only those who’ve been vaccinated.

With less than a week since they were allowed reopen indoor dining for those who were vaccinated, many restaurants are still shut up and down the country for either logistical reasons or on moral grounds.

Up to 25% of the hospitality sector is said to have keep their indoor dining facilities closed this week, even after getting the green light to open under so-called “draconian conditions” that sees them having to check every single patron to see whether they have been double-jabbed or not.

For a number of reasons be it morally or practically, they’ve decided that they’re not going to toe the government’s line and demand to see peoples’ medical history to enter their premise.

Various social media posts have seen members of Ireland’s hospitality sector saying that they’ll keep their indoor dining facilities closed until everyone’s welcome – either because it’s impractical, illogical or immoral to check someone’s medical history to determine whether they were vaccinated or not.

Many restaurant owners around the country are taking to social media to declare that they’re fully against the government’s new plan to reopen indoor dining from Monday only to those who are double vaccinated.

They’re saying that they’ll either remain closed until everyone’s welcome through their doors or that they simply won’t bother enforcing the so-called vaccine passport which only allows those who are fully vaccinated to dine indoors.

People who either can’t take the vaccine or simply don’t want the vaccine will not be allowed entry or service and will have to stay outdoors.

People are describing the vaccine cert as “medical apartheid” and creating a two-tier society.

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