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Jobs blow: Factory closure in Galway


Amidst a somewhat optimistic outlook in the jobs front over the last couple of days, with new jobs recently announced for Limerick, Dundrum in Dublin, and Waterford, comes the shocking news of a factory closure in the outskirts of Galway city.

Beckman Coulter confirmed that it is transferring operations from its site in Mervue, Galway city, to Co Clare over the next 12 to 15 months, along with 80 of the existing Mervue positions.

The company manufactures reagents and rotors, which are widely used in hospital equipment worldwide. In recent times, the firm was acquired by Danaher, a Washington based multi-national involved primarily in the technology sector.

A Beckman spokeswoman said the decision to close the Galway facility and transfer the production to facilities elsewhere, was made after a business review.

Unfortunately, a large number of people will lose their jobs as a result.

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