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“Love them both” – Thousands turn out for Pro Life “Celebrate the 8th” rally in Dublin


Thousands of people descended to Dublin’s Molesworth St this afternoon to “celebrate the 8th” and to “love them both”.

The Pro Life Campaign organised event saw a rally mixed with song, dance and heavy hitting facts and statistics all drenched in glorious weather conditions.

Speakers told of horrific stories from the UK which are currently banned in Ireland thanks to the 8th amendment, which states that both a mother and their unborn child are to treated equally in the eyes of the law.

A down syndrome woman gave a great account of her life and stated that up to 90% of unborn children diagnosed with down syndrome in the womb are aborted in the UK.

Also speaking was Melissa Ohden, an abortion survivor who told of how doctors tried to terminate her life for over 5 horrendous days.

Organisers of the event said they were delighted with the turnout:
” We’re delighted to see such a huge crowd turnout for what is a fundamental human right, the right to life. We will all fight to ensure the 8th amendment remains where it is, protecting both mother and baby in the eyes of the law”, said PLC deputy chairperson Cora Sherlock.

The joyous atmosphere was met with cheers from the crowd and a lifelong commitment by all concerned to keep the 8th amendment where it is ensconced in the constitution.

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