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Mairia Cahill will meet Taoiseach to discuss abuse claims

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Mere hours after Gerry Adams acknowledged that he was aware of an IRA connection to Cahill’s abuse claim, she is due to meet the Taoiseach to discuss such claim.

Cahill alleges thast she was raped by an IRA member, and that there was a subsequent cover-up. Adams’ original claim was that he first heard of this allegation from a friend of his and cousin of Ms. Cahill, Siobhan O’Hanlon, who has since passed away.

At the time, Ms. O’Hanlon said that Ms. Cahill did not wish to report the rape to the RUC, so O’Hanlon and Adams went to talk to Ms. Cahill’s uncle, Joe Cahill, to try and persuade Mairia to go the authorities. Still, she refused to do so.

But it has emerged today that Gerry Adams was aware of an IRA link at the time when Ms. O’Hanlon spoke to him, despite his original claim. This is seen as a very significant development in the case.

Ms. Cahill will meet with Taoiseach Enda Kenny at government buildings this morning.

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