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Man stole garda uniform, handcuffs and radio from garda office

A thief stole handcuffs, radios, pepper spray and items from the Garda uniform after raiding the Garda Highway police office at Dublin Castle, a court heard.

On 22 August 2020, Myles Howe, 49, of Carmen Hall, Dublin 8, broke into the premises entering an emergency exit.

He was later tracked down on surveillance camera footage where he was seen trying to hide the stolen property in some grass and a dumpster.

Gardaí found the radio and handcuffs searching the area.

Gardaí identified Howe and went to his home in Carmen Hall where they found the articles of the Garda uniform.

Howe pleaded guilty to burglary and robbery at Dublin Castle. His previous convictions include robbery, theft, assault and criminal harm.

Howe also pleaded guilty to burglary at an apartment on Dawson Street, Dublin 2, on 3 October 2021. At the time of this offense he was out on bail for burglary at Dublin Castle.

The case was originally brought before the Dublin District Court, where the Prosecutor’s Office had agreed to a summary provision.

Judge Brian O’Shea refused jurisdiction and sent the case to the Circuit Court, saying, “This was in Dublin Castle itself, I can’t understand for the life of me how the DPP thinks that is a minor offence,” reports RTE.

Rebecca Smith BL, a lawyer, said her client had a long-standing drug problem but she was taking rehabilitation steps.

In a sentencing hearing, Judge Martin Nolan said Howe had a long history of theft and appeared to have a hard time stopping.

Judge Nolan said Howe had detected a weakness in Dublin Castle and that both thefts were opportunistic.

He has accepted that Howe is trying to change his ways. He has suspended the last year of a 42-month prison sentence.

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