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Martin accuses Sinn Féin of being ‘silent on Palestine while in the US’

The Tánaiste has charged Sinn Féin with being “silent” and “two-sided” over the Palestine issue when they were in the US, reports Breaking News.

Additionally, Micheál Martin refuted Sinn Féin’s allegations and asserted that Ireland has not omitted to intervene in any court case pertaining to the Middle East crisis.

He denounced the “unacceptable and extraordinary” circumstances that Gaza residents are living under, reports Breaking News.

Since the Israel-Hamas conflict began, more than 30,000 people have died and 70,457 have been injured.

According to the UN, around 80% of the 2.3 million Palestinians living in Gaza have evacuated their homes, and a quarter of them are at risk of hunger, reports Breaking News.

1,200 people, primarily civilians, were killed in the Hamas raid in southern Israel that started the conflict, and the terrorists took about 250 hostages.

After releasing the majority of the other detainees during a truce in November, Hamas and other terrorists are still holding roughly 100 hostages and the bodies of about 30 more, reports Breaking News.

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