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Mattie McGrath TD calls for Dail Debate over Government’s “Abortion on Demand” Report

Speaking from Tipperary today, the leader of the Rural Independent TDs, Deputy Mattie mc Grath expressed his grave concerns over the government’s abortion review, stating:

“I am deeply concerned about the government’s review into abortion services in Ireland, which appears to have been driven by a single objective – to provide more abortions. The report recommends the removal of the three-day waiting period before an abortion, despite three separate pieces of research finding no merit in making such a pause mandatory. It is disappointing that the report fails to acknowledge the number of babies saved by women changing their minds and not going ahead with the abortion.”

“It is alarming to note that all members involved in the review were supportive of abortion, and Health Minister Stephen Donnelly refused to engage with any group with reservations about the effect of the legislation. The review, which was presented as “independent”, was anything but. The Irish Family Planning Association, Dr. Catherine Condon’s Unplanned Pregnancy and Abortion Care study, and Marie O’Shea’s independent review of the operation of the law, all strongly advocate for unlimited abortion.”

“It is outrageous that the government would subject Irish women to more abortions with the tragic loss of innocent lives. Progress is not measured by the number of abortions occurring here; it is measured by the protection of both mothers and babies. The Eighth Amendment provided this protection, but now we are seeing it eroded with the approval of more and more abortions.”

“Pro-life groups were accused of scaremongering when they questioned whether the repeal of the Eighth was just the start of unlimited abortion here. With 8,500 abortions in Ireland last year, it seems they were justified in their concerns. We were also promised that abortion would be rare if we voted for repeal, yet nearly 30,000 abortions have occurred here in just three years.”

“Given the gravity of this issue, I am calling for a Dail debate on the report before the deliberations on the report begin within the Health Committee. It is essential that we consider the impact of unlimited abortion on our society and the sanctity of human life. We cannot ignore the consequences of this report, and we must work towards protecting the lives of the most vulnerable among us,” concluded Deputy Mc Grath.

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