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Met Eireann forecast major weather uplift with Ireland to be warmer than Sicily

Temperatures could reach around 20C in the coming days if more stable weather conditions prevail.

High pressure is expected to be a dominant feature of Irish weather from today making things warm and dry, reports The Mirror.

Met Éireann says the thermometer could soar to as high as 18C today, making Ireland hotter than Sicily, the largest Mediterranean island.

Maximum temperatures of just 12 °C are forecast for the Italian holiday hotspot today.

It comes as Ireland’s weather is set for a big change. After several weeks of turbulent weather, including Hurricane Noa devastating the country, very mild conditions are coming.

The national forecaster said: “It will be mostly dry and settled with high pressure largely dominating. Mild in sunshine, especially across the west,” reports The Mirror.

Giving a day by day breakdown it said: “Rather dull at first Sunday with patchy drizzle and mist. Some coastal fog too. While some sunny spells will gradually break through, scattered showers will occur too. Milder than recent days with highest temperatures of 14C to 18C degrees, in no more than moderate southerly breezes. Generally dry Sunday night though some showers will feed into southern counties later. Misty or foggy in parts too with a lot of low cloud persisting. Relatively mild with lowest temperatures of 8C to 10C, in light southeast breezes,” reports The Mirror.

It will turn cooler on Wednesday before temperatures rise once again on Thursday and Friday.

Met Eireann continued: “A cooler day nationwide Wednesday with increasing cloud feeding in a scattering of showers, possibly heavy along the east coast – coolest here too. Highest temperatures of 11C to 14C, again with mostly moderate easterly breezes,” reports The Mirror.

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