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Met Eireann says there’ll be incredible 7 days of dry conditions with heatwave temperatures

Met Eireann has confirmed an unbelievable seven days of dry conditions with a heatwave, reports RSVP Live.

There will be heavy and continuous rain this week, but it will end soon.

Summer is quickly coming to an end and an eventual return to warmer weather is expected.

From Monday 31 July to Sunday 6 August, Met Eireann predicts an overall uncertain picture with low pressure predominating, although high pressure in the west could lead to a slightly drier period than late, reports RSVP Live.

WX Charts, a weather forecasting site, pinpointed a more specific weather, showing no rain between the afternoon of Monday, August 7, and midnight on Monday, August 14.

Temperatures will rise during this time, with the warmest conditions expected on August 11.

The south-west temperature will be 24-25 degrees, and the south-east between 23 and 24 degrees.

Here is the Met Eireann forecast for the coming week:

Monday, July 31

Today it will be mostly cloudy with occasional showers, thunderstorms possible. There will be plenty of sunny periods, mainly in the west and south. Breeze, with moderate to strong westerly winds. The maximum temperature is between 17 and 21 degrees.

Tuesday, August 1

Tomorrow will be a mostly dry day with spells of sunshine and showers, developing in the southwest in the evenings and spreading to the northeast. Wind weak and moderate west to north-west, becoming south with rainfall. The maximum temperature is between 17 and 20 degrees.

Wednesday, August 2

Sun spells and rain giving way to showers from the west Maximum temperature 16 to 19 degrees, moderate to fresh with gusty north to northwest winds.

Thursday, August 3

Sunny and occasional showers. Northwesterly winds will be mostly moderate. The maximum temperature is between 15 and 19 degrees.

Friday, August 4

The current indications are that Friday through Thursday will be sunny with scattered light showers, but light winds. Wind weak and north-west from 15 to 18 degrees, reports RSVP Live.

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