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Mexican cartels are allegedly now using Drones as weapons

Narco warfare in Mexico may be entering an explosive new chapter now that cartels are weaponizing drones, Forbes reports.

Recently a civilian militia discovered two modified drones in the car belonging to a member of CJNG, a powerful cartel responsible for a third of all drugs in the US. The drones had plastic containers filled with C4 explosives and ball bearing shrapnel, the damage of which would be catastrophic.

One analyst quoted by Forbes say that the cartels are ‘well on their way’ to making drones an established weapon of the Mexican underworld. Narcos have used the devices to ferry drugs across the US border since at least 2012, when 150 of the devices were intercepted by police.

In 2017 a bomb-modified drone was used to attack the residence of a senior official in California, and given recent developments it is clear that remote controlled air borne bombs will usher in a new chapter of bloodshed and destruction among Mexican criminals.

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