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Migrant Yousef Palani, who killed two gay men in Sligo, makes formal complaint after getting beaten up in prison

A hateful, homophobic, double murderer has officially reported to the Gardaí about an assault he suffered while incarcerated, reports The Mirror.

A week ago, Yousef Palani, 23, was the victim of an attack in his Mountjoy cell. Recently, police interrogated him while he was incarcerated. He provided cops with a thorough report of the events and assisted in identifying the offenders.

After his conviction in October of last year, the Sligo man—who immigrated to Ireland from Iraq when he was six years old—had been held alone in an isolation cell for several months and was not permitted to interact with other inmates for his own protection.

After confessing to the horrifying killings of two gay men in April 2022—Aidan Moffitt, 43, and Michael Snee, 58—within days of one another, Palani was given a double life sentence. He killed them both in incredibly violent attacks at their houses after meeting them online through a dating app, reports The Mirror.

Palani was ultimately permitted to interact with other inmates at his request, though, and on Monday, March 11 of this year, four men broke into his cell and began beating him. Though it is acknowledged that he was kicked and assaulted, his wounds are not considered life-threatening.

Three days after the incident, Palani insisted on being taken to the Accident and Emergency ward of a neighbouring hospital.

A Mountjoy source said: “He initially didn’t want to go to hospital but then changed his mind a few days afterwards. He basically got a good kicking and his injuries were superficial. He was obviously angry, very upset and shocked. There is only so much you can do to protect these men apart from locking them up in isolation 24/7,” reports The Mirror.

“He was deliberately targeted by a couple of bad boys in here and a full investigation is now underway. The Gardaí have been in and Palani has made a full statement to them. He keeps telling us that he is going to sue over it,” the source added, reports The Mirror.

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