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Migrants Boakye Osei and Kelvin Opoku found guilty of raping defenceless Donegal teen

In what can only be described as truly sickening and evil, African migrants Boakye Osei and Kelvin Opoku have been found guilty of the vicious rape of a defenceless Donegal teenager in February 2015.

The young lady, who is now in her 20s, is said to be doing the best she can to move on with the rest of her life but she had to describe the night in question in minute detail.

The defenceless woman said that she was out drinking with a friend and while walking home the two men offered her a lift in her car.

According to RTE, they took her and her friend to an apartment and offered her a drink before she was laid on a bed and the two men Boakye Osei (29) of Twoban, Burnfoot and Kelvin Opoku (33) of Cill Graine, took turns raping her.

The women testified that she was too drunk to consent to sex, while her friend said that she was kissing Osei while her friend was having sex with Opoku. When she told Osei she did not want to have sex he then went over to her friend and began having sex with her after Opoku.

For their part Osei denied any sexual activity with the victim, despite his semen being found on her underwear, while Opoku claims the sex was consensual.

Gardai also provided mobile phone footage taken by the victim’s friend showing the victim stumbling around the apartment and falling on the bathroom floor before the two men picked her up.

A jury of seven men and four women took two hours to return unanimous guilty verdicts for both men and Justice Alex Owens ordered both men be certified as sex offenders.

Justice Owens also ordered a probation report and victims statement ahead of the 13 January sentencing of the Ghanaian nationals, until which time they will remain in custody.

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