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Mixed reactions to Catholic priest giving Sermon on homosexual people sinning

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There’s been a very mixed reaction on social media to the priest’s sermon.

The public persecution of a Catholic priest for the crime of extolling Catholic morality in a Catholic Church during Catholic Mass has led some members of the public to ask, if the Church’s teachings even legal in this country anymore.

Father Seán Sheehy said that there was “rampant sin” in the country, going on to say:

“We see it in the promotion of abortion, we see it and in the example of this lunatic approach of transgenderism and in the promotion of sex between two men and two women.

“That is sinful. That is a mortal sin.”

These sentiments are fundamental tenants of Catholic morality, but in modern Ireland, a Catholic priest expressing Catholic morality inside a Catholic Church is utterly intolerable.

The media and many politicians have gone on a full offensive against Fr. Sheehy and the weakling Bishop of Kerry, Ray Browne, bowed to the baying mobs metaphorically calling for the priest’s crucifixion, saying the Sheehy’s views “do not represent the Christian position”.

This has left faithful Catholics confused, because as far as is understood, the act of sodomy, killing the unborn and people making believe they are opposite gender (transgenderism) are still considered sins.

Still others have asked, as the media and even government now believe they have the right to dictate what Catholic priests can say in their churches, will these same rules be applied to others such Imams in Mosques?

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