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Mixed weather on the way


The first weekend of 2015 is set to bring in a cold snap, with nighttime temperatures forecast to drop down to minus four on Saturday.

The day will start cold and damp, with temperatures oscillating between four and seven degrees. The rain will clear towards the afternoon, with brighter weather following. The second half of the day will be dry and bright in most areas.

But things will take a dramatic turn towards nightfall, with polar air taking hold. Air temperatures will fall to below freezing and beyond in most areas.

Motorists are urged to exercise extreme caution on Saturday night and Sunday morning, as widespread black ice and frost will make for very hazardous driving conditions, specially in sheltered roads.

Sunday will begin cold and frosty, with milder and wetter weather developing as the day goes on. Temperatures are expected to hit nine degrees.

Sunday night will be cloudy, damp and largely frost-free.

The beginning of the week will bring in milder, but it will be cloudy, damp and breezy, with scattered outbreaks of rain and drizzle. Highest daytime temperatures will range from eight to ten degrees.

Colder weather again is expected later in the week.

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