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More nonsense – HSE says there’s a ‘substantial’ rise in flu over the next two weeks

According to the HSE, there has been a “substantial” increase in respiratory ailments, and the hospital system is under increasing pressure.

It was notified of 1,628 instances of influenza, about twice as many as the previous week, in the week leading up to last Saturday. This represents a further increase in cases of influenza, Covid-19, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

The flu hospitalised about 414 persons.

In the week ending last Saturday, the number of Covid-19 cases increased to 1,200, with 459 individuals admitted to the hospital.

RSV infections rose to 465, a somewhat smaller increase of 121 cases, and 147 people were admitted to the hospital.

Dr Gerry McCarthy, Clinical Lead for HSE National Programme for Emergency Medicine said: “There has also been a 92% increase in flu, but RSV is more stable than that,” reports RTE.

He said: “If a person comes to hospital with any suggestion of respiratory illness and they’re not already wearing a mask, they certainly (will) be provided with one and all staff dealing with them will be masked up. Many hospitals are deciding on their own bat, based on their local data of what kinds of patients and how many inffective illnesses are coming in, to have mandatory mask wearing,” reports RTE.

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