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February 15, 2019

Mother of children who slept in garda station has been offered an apartment

Image source: Inner City Helping Homeless

The entire country has been talking about the young children slept in a garda station over night because their mother wasn’t housed.

Margaret Cash has been told by Dublin City Council that she has been offered a three-bedroom apartment.

According to RTE, the apartment is being made available for a week’s trial and after the trial it will be on a monthly basis.

Some stories have circulated about the mother of the children, Margaret Cash, and how she was allegedly out drinking with her friends.

Margaret Cash has spoken out against the “Facebook trolls” who commented about her story:

Speaking to The Sun, Margaret said:

“There’s all sorts of stuff being written online.

“About having a few beers, so you’re not allowed to have a few beers, all because you’re homeless?

“It was a bit stupid. It was one box of beer that cost €16.”

Margaret went on to explain that a pal had invited her around to her house for a couple of drinks, knowing how much stress she had been under.

She added: “I had a few bottles of beer. The abuse is disgraceful.”

“If I was a murderer or a rapist, it wouldn’t make a difference, everybody has a human right to be housed, to have a home.

“No matter what I done in my past, it doesn’t take away the fact that I have a right to be housed.”

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