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Multicultural London now acid attack capital of Western world

Image source: Sky

The multi-cultural metropolis of London is now the acid attack capital of the Western World.

According to figures obtained by the UK’s ‘Evening Standard’ following a freedom of information request to London’s Met Police revealed that in 2012 there were 66 acid attacks, with that figure rising to 752 in 2018.

17 of these acid attacks in 2018 were against children under the age of 10. One child who was left with life changing injuries from acid being thrown on him was a two-year-old boy who was attacked while in his pram for a walk with his parents near their Islington home.

London has seen skyrocketing crime of all kinds in recent years but particularly in terms of violent crime.

Murders in the UK capital hit a record in 2018 with 132 people being killed, most with knives.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan ran for election promising to end racially discriminative “stop and search” frisking by police.

It was said that as the police usually stopped young men from a black and Asian background this was racist, however, the statistics bore out the fact that most of those involved in knife crime were of black and Asian backgrounds.

After the police stopped his preventative measure knife crime and knife murders began to skyrocket.

A tall price to pay for virtue signalling.

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