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Multiple reports that Greece is expecting 100,000 more migrants in 2020

Image source: CNN

There have been multiple reports that economically troubled nation of Greece is preparing for a significant increase in migrants arriving on its shores in 2020 with the government preparing for as many as 100,000 to arrive.

German newspaper Die Welt reports that the Hellenic Republic’s government commissioner for the initial reception of refugees, Manos Logothetis, said that he expects as many as 100,000 migrants to arrive in Greece next year stating, “the crisis is current, and it is serious”.

Several Greek islands and the Greek mainland itself, are dotted with asylum seeker camps full of migrants from the Middle East and beyond seeking to reach the more generous welfare states of North-Western Europe.

As the migrant crisis once again begins to increase in intensity the situation is exacerbated by the disturbing reports from the Greek coast guard that their Turkish counterparts have refused to cooperate with them and allowed migrant boats to cross into Greece despite an agreement with Turkey to stem the flow of migrants.

In November, Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis emphatically stated that he will “shut the door” to illegal migrants but this sentiment has proven infinitely easier to declare in words rather than to translate it into tangible action.

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