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New born baby found abandoned could soon be discharged from hospital


According to various sources it is understood that the new born baby found abandoned in Rathcoole in Dublin last Friday could soon be discharged from hospital.

Little Baby Maria who is still being cared for at the Coombe Hospital could soon be healthy enough to be released into care according to staff working at the hospital. In the meantime Gardaí have reissued their appeal to little Maria’s mother to contact them as they are concerned she may need medical attention. Gardai also say Maria’s mother will be treated with compassion and sensitivity if she decides to come forward.

Meanwhile Kieran Mc Grath a Child Welfare Consultant, has stated that there are a number of steps could be taken in the short-term if the mother makes herself known. Mr Mc Grath said: “If the child is fit for discharge from hospital she will be placed in foster care and it is usually short-term foster placement for this kind of child.” “In terms of the mother, clearly everybody wants to help her as much as possible but there will certainly be questions. Every effort will be made to look after her and the baby, and to reunite them if possible. But that does require an initial assessment to see what the circumstances were that led up to this and also what support she may need in the long-term.”

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