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New €10 note revealed and released into circulation from today


A new €10 note has revealed and will be entered circulation from today. The European Central Bank has said that the new note has a number of enhanced security features, including a new watermark and a hologram.

With the new notes coming into circulation, central banks around the eurozone are begining to remove the older currency.
It has been confirmed that the new €10 note will circulate alongside the existing €10 note and there will be no change to the status of existing €10 notes, which will remain legal tender.

The new note is the second in a new line notes to be released by the ECB as part of their “Europa series” of banknotes, following the introduction of the new €5 note back in May 2013. ECB has released figures stating that the total number of €10 banknotes in circulation in the euro area was €2.1bn at the end of August 2014.
A total of 16.6 billion banknotes are in circulation with a €971bn face value.

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