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News update: 10th April

Higgins visit: Day two has passed of what has been cited as a historic visit for Michael D higgins to England. This evening he thanked Britain for their support through out the crisis at a Gala ball in the Guildhall in London.

 Anglo Trial: As the Anglo trial is coming to an end, former Anglo Irish Bank chairman Sean FitzPatrick has been of acquitted of six charges held against him.

 Tipperary crash: Two people have died in a car collision in Tipperary.

 John joe Nevins recovery: John Joe Nevins has been released from hospital following a viscous attack at the weekend, he has thanked his fans and he has stated that he aims to return to the ring in August.

 AIB Repossessions: Figures have been released that show there was a triple increase in the amount of homes seized by AIB last year.

 Peaches: The post-Mortem of Peaches Geldof has come back inconclusive.

 Pistorius trial: In trial today Pistorius again spoke of how it was accidental when he shot and killed his girlfriend.

 Nightclub crush: Former bar and nightclub owners are to be sentenced for health and safety breaches that led to the death of an employee in a life shaft in 2009.

 Dundalk arrest: A man has been arrested in relation to two bodies that were discovered in a burnt out car in Dundalk two years ago.

 Personal Injury: A man has been issued a 6M court settlement from the high court for the mistreatment of his birth 30 years ago.

Pennsylvania stabbing: 21 students and a security guard have been left injured following a rampage by a student armed with two knives in a Pennsylvanian school.

 CAR violence: At least 30 people have died following rival militia violence in the Central African Republic.

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