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No surprise: Putin says he wants Biden to get re-elected

Image source: Sky

Though he indicated Russia was ready to cooperate with the winner of November’s election, Russian President Vladimir Putin called US counterpart Joe Biden more “predictable” than Donald Trump, reports RTE.

When a journalist asked whom Russia preferred to win in the anticipated race between Republican front-runner Trump and Democratic incumbent Biden, Mr. Putin said, “Biden, he’s more experienced.” He’s an old-school politician who is predictable.” stated Mr. Putin.

With the US president scheduled to turn 82 weeks after the election, the Russian president brushed off inquiries on Mr. Biden’s age and health.

“When I met Mr Biden three years ago, it’s true, people were already talking about his inabilities, but I saw nothing of the sort,” said Mr Putin, evidently referring to a summit in Geneva, reports RTE.

According to US polls, Americans are somewhat concerned about Mr. Biden’s age.

Two recent incidents in which Mr. Biden mistook European leaders for deceased predecessors have exacerbated the age problem.

Following the revelation last week that the president is a “elderly man with a poor memory” in a special counsel report, the White House was obliged to vigorously defend the president’s competency.

In response to the charge, Mr. Biden became enraged, but he then made matters worse by confusing the presidents of Mexico and Egypt, reports RTE.

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