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Not again! Fares on public transport are set to take yet another hike from January

Fares on Ireland’s buses, trains and LUAS are set to take to increase from 1 January. The National Transport Authority released its fare determinations on public transport fares for 2016 today. The NTA says that fares set “with the aim of maintaining customer support and passenger numbers while ensuring financial stability for the operators”.

Here’s what changes are going to be implemented:

Dublin Bus:

Transport 21

  • No change to the €3.30 cash or €2.60 max fare
  • No change to Dublin Bus monthly or annual tickets
  • Adult 4-7 and 8-13 fares merged, now cost €2.70
  • Five cent rise in schoolchild cash fares
  • 3.7% increases in all Rambler tickets
  • No rise in cash cost of Nitelink, Leap fare up 20 cent to €5.20

Irish Rail:


  • Increases in cash and Leap prices for all Dublin suburban rail users. Leap fares up 2%,  cash between 2.3% and 3.7%
  • Intercity express services to increase in cost by between 1.6% and 1.8%, no increase for students
  • No increase for economy 1 class fares, increases of between 1.8% and 2% for economy 2
  • Increases on child, adult and student weekly season tickets
  • Increases of up to 2.9% on Cork commuter services

Bus Éireann:


  • Between 4.2% and 5.3% increase on regional city commuter cash fares
  • Increases in 1-day and 7-day tickets in Limerick and Galway, cuts to fares in Cork city green zone and Limerick one-day tickets
  • Between 2.5% and 5% increase in adult staged journeys for Leap card and cash
  • No increase for children



  • Increases in all adult cash tickets of 10 cent
  • Prepaid tickets to go up by between 50 cent and €1.30
  • Monthly tickets up between €4 and €6
  • No change to child fares


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